The production process from start to finish is a labor of love. It passes through the hearts and hands of many along its evolutionary journey from idea to creation.


Each studio bon fabric begins its life as a dream. Dreams that often wake designer Bonnee Sharp from sound sleep, insistent upon being remembered. Midnight doodling and notetaking are common. Sleep is not. Pattern is her passion. She is inspired by the simple beauty of the familiar; an iron handrail, interlocking threads, a heartbeat, birds balancing in the breeze. For Bonnee, there is magic in the mundane. The world is her endless design oyster.


Once her inspirations are committed to paper, via sketches or color renderings, design elements begin to emerge. Each pattern lends itself to the unique rhythm, or repeat, it will make as it dances across yard after yard of rolled cotton.


After Bonnee tweaks and perfects each pattern element, she creates a final draft of the artwork in a graphic program and sends it to an architectural printer to be reproduced on a translucent sheet of vellum. Through a photo negative process the art is transferred to a stretched silk screen frame and is tested for its ability to seamlessly and successfully fit into itself to create a continuous pattern.


Each unmarked roll of fabric is a blank page awaiting a new story. Studio bon’s master craftsman has been lovingly hand printing fabric for nearly three decades. Pressure and rythym are his art. Ink, muscle and fabric his tools. The resulting subtle variations in each and every pass are his inimitable signatures.