customization options


All patterns can be printed on the following:
canvas 100% cotton canvas (natural color)

basketweave 90% cotton/10% rayon (a slightly darker woven beige ground material).

All patterns can be printed in any color you see on the site, whether or not you see the particular pattern printed in that color or not. A strike off can be printed for approval. *

If you need a studio bon pattern printed in a custom color, please submit a swatch for color matching, and a sample will be sent for approval before your order is printed**

Custom ground materials are available at a 30 yard minimum. (please inquire for details) ***

*custom strike off fee (12" x 12") $50
**custom colors (color matching available) $100 flat fee
***custom grounds available        $100 flat fee +
listed price per yard (30 yd min.)